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Cognitive Assessments

Memory disorders, dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are terms that are often used interchangeably, but do not mean the same thing. It is important that you or your loved one receive a cognitive assessment by a trained professional in order to determine treatment.

The professionals at Age Matters Clinic use cognitive assessments to evaluate the symptoms of memory loss in order to determine what you or your loved one are suffering from. The five factors that are evaluated are memory, attention, language, visual and spatial abilities and executive function.

A diagnosis of dementia is rendered when two of the cognitive functions are impaired. You'll also notice changes in an individual's personality, as well as their ability to function socially. These changes will worsen over time.

Alzheimer's Disease is a form of dementia. It is usually diagnosed when there are no cognitive explanations for an individual's symptoms; physically, the person shows no sign of difficulty other than loss of memory.

Dementia can also be caused by other illnesses, including heart disease and circulatory problems. Some treatments can help when dementia is brought on by another illness; medication along with behavioural therapy can improve memory function in some cases. The staff at Age Matters memory and aging clinic in Toronto use their expertise to conduct cognitive assessments that include a comprehensive medical evaluation as well as a detailed functional assessment. Dr. Tal and his staff conduct a thorough evaluation on each patient in order to determine what is contributing to memory loss, including a screening for anxiety and depression. Recommendations are made based on the data gathered, and a multidisciplinary treatment regimen is outlined. Family members are encouraged to ask questions and get involved in the treatment of their loved one, which may include medication, lifestyle changes and cognitive training.

Dealing with dementia and other memory disorders doesn't have to be a frustrating endeavour. A cognitive assessment in Toronto by Age Matters will give hope to the individual and their family members, offering a guiding hand to help cope with memory loss. Once the symptoms are diagnosed and their causes identified, work can begin to deal with their effects. Whether you're concerned about changes you've noticed in your behaviour, or are referred by a doctor or loved one, Age Matters is here to help.

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