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Nutrition and Memory

Achieving and maintaining optimal weight, as measured by BMI, prevents the onset of dementia in younger adults.                 

BMI stands for "body mass index" This is the internationally recognized measure of height and weight. It is already the standard for optimal heart health. Research published in Archives of Neurology (2007:6: 392) has demonstrated a clear connection between optimal BMI and the delay or prevention of dementia. People who were underweight (BMI <18.5) and people who were overweight (BMI >30) were at increased risk. People at optimal weight (BMI between these values) had a reduced incidence of dementia.

A.G.E. Matters believes that promoting optimal nutrition, through diet and exercise, is an important component of a comprehensive and wholistic approach to aging and memory.

Doctors are increasingly embracing nutritional supports to foster optimal health. Folic acid supplementation, 0.8 micrograms/day, has been shown in a small trial to improve performance in cognitive speed and attention.