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Memory Disorder... Dementia... Alzheimer's Disease...

These terms are often used interchangeably. Let's discuss them.
Dementia is an overall medical diagnosis. Dementia symptoms are present when a person suffers from progressive deterioration in memory, plus one other cognitive area, severe enough to interfere with every day functioning. Cognition refers to brain function. The 5 main areas of cognition are memory, attention, language, visual and spatial abilities, and executive function. The doctor will diagnose dementia when 2 of these areas are affected, and when there has been a change in the individual's function socially or at work, and when this is worsening over time.

Alzheimer's disease is simply one type of dementia. We identify the problem as Alzheimer's disease when there is no other explanation for the dementia symptoms.
However, there are multiple causes of dementia, including circulation problems, similar to the circulation problems we know from heart disease, among others. Some of these causes have specific treatments, along with medications for improving memory, what we call cognitive enhancers.

The Age Matters Clinic has the resources:

  • To identify whether there is a dementia.
  • To discover the cause of the dementia.
  • To offer treatment.

If you are concerned for yourself or for a loved one, Contact us for an assessment.

Geriatric Assessment

The Age Matters Clinic assessment includes a comprehensive medical evaluation, an integrated, state-of-the-art cognitive assessment and a detailed functional assessment. Multidisciplinary assessment is available, based on individual needs.

Integrated Assessment:

Comprehensive medical evaluation by Dr. Tal forms the basis of the overall assessment. We identify and optimize all aspects of general health, with a focus on cardiovascular problems and function in everyday life.

Cognitive assessment begins with Dr. Tal, and continues with in-depth evaluation by other members of our team. Home visit functional evaluation may also be arranged, based in individual needs.

In addition to Cognitive assessment, Dr. Tal screens for issues of anxiety and depression. Recognizing and treating symptoms of anxiety and depression can dramatically improve memory and general function, along with the other aspects of our integrated assessment. Involvement of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work, may be recommended as part of our integrated, multidisciplinary treatment program.

Feedback session:

Here we integrate the assessments of the multidisciplinary team.                                                            

Dr. Tal presents and summarizes for the client and his/her support system. Questions are encouraged at this time, as well as an open discussion of all areas of concern.  Treatment is recommended and initiated, including medications, life-style modifications, and cognitive training.
Follow up is arranged as appropriate.

Referral may be from your family doctor or from a specialist.
Referrals may also be direct, from an individual, a family member or a significant person in their life.          

Referrals are accepted by phone, fax or the website Contact us form.

**All referrals are confidential. The AGE Matters clinic follows all provincial and federal privacy laws.