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As we age, we all worry about our health, especially memory and brain function. We witness so many people - friends, family members and even strangers - deal with memory loss. It can be anything from forgetting where you put the house keys to not remembering a name or a birthday, in addition to even more serious difficulties. Age Matters memory and aging clinic in Toronto combines the benefits of cognitive training, exercise, nutrition and medication to help deal with aging and memory loss.

There are many common misconceptions about memory and aging, including that all memory loss is linked to Alzheimer's Disease. That is not always the case. There are varying degrees of memory loss that can occur throughout our lifetime; some of them are related to "normal" aging and others could be indicative of more serious issues.

Dr. David Tal and the professionals at Age Matters specialize in determining what we can do to assist our loved ones when they begin experiencing symptoms of memory loss. The key to gaining a better understanding of memory loss is to observe yourself and your loved ones to determine the extent of memory issues in different situations and social settings. Having an accurate assessment performed is key; so is proper diagnosis of the issues. Age Matters dementia and memory clinic in Toronto performs these assessments, and gives you and your loved ones a detailed plan of action for how to deal with memory loss. Whether it's for yourself, a parent or another loved one, you will be able to cope more efficiently armed with the knowledge you need to take steps to combat memory loss.

Age Matters memory disorder clinic in Toronto believes that a lifestyle intervention can work wonders when dealing with aging and memory loss. Adopting healthy habits can make a tremendous difference in quality of life, if the individual and loved ones are determined to fight aging every step of the way. Proper nutrition, physical activity and exercise, along with keeping the mind active, are proven deterrents of memory loss, along with medical testing and possibly medication. In order to pursue the correct course of action, the first thing that needs to be done is to educate yourself about the realities of memory loss.

If you believe yourself, or a loved one might be undergoing more that the normal signs of aging, don't hesitate to contact Age Matters geriatric assessment clinic in Toronto. We can help you determine whether or not your perceptions are part of a realistic decline in brain function.

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