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Resources and Support for Family Members Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease

When a loved one starts to exhibit signs of memory loss, it can come as a shock to immediate family members. Most of us don't want to believe that a parent or grandparent is becoming forgetful or succumbing to memory loss brought on by other ailments. Very often, we feel helpless because we don't know how to deal with it.

Dr.David Tal and the experts at Age Matters memory and aging clinic in Toronto want to reach out to the family members of Alzheimer's patients by encouraging close family members and friends of loved ones dealing with memory loss to take advantage of available resources. By becoming familiar with support groups and other programs in your area, you will find that you're not alone; there are many other families coping with dementia and memory disorders who are supporting each other.

In addition to geriatric and memory assessment, Age Matters Clinic gives families the support they need to cope with a loved one's memory loss, and determine the best possible options for the care and treatment of a parent, grandparent or other close family member who is suffering from memory loss. It is important to understand there are ways to help your loved one, and we offer many treatment options and resources to accommodate your loved one's needs.

As science begins to uncover more information about the human brain, treatments for memory loss continue to evolve and improve. The best way to stay informed about new and innovative ways to help your loved one, is to look for support from other people who experiencing the same things you are. The earlier a person's memory deficiencies are identified, the more that can be done to help them. Keeping apprised of the latest developments is one way, but talking to other families who are coping with memory loss can not only benefit your loved one, it can benefit you as well.

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